Rrita Jashari

Rrita Jashari is a maker and shaker shaping the Brussels scene. Whether she's co-running 54KOLAKTIV and 54 Sound, the eclectic collective which brought soundsystem culture to the Belgian capital, programming the agenda for mythical venue VK, digging - vinyl - crates or hosting her bi-monthly show at Kiosk Radio, she is a certified icon of the city's sonic landscape.

This Belgo-Albanian is a lover of dutty basslines and unexpected beats, effortlessly blending rap, global rhythms, UK dubstep and West Indian basslines to make rough-and-tumble mixes. A champion of feminine energy with an ear for the queens of dancehall, femcees and R&B vixens, Rrita's selection is a celebration of movement and pleasure.


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Future Gigs

21 07 2024 - Circle Park - Anderlecht

28 07 2024 - Sfinks Mixed 2024 - Boechout

20 09 2024 - Zinnema Opening Celebration - Anderlecht

25 10 2024 - Kikk Festival 2024 - Namur