Elisabeth Klinck

Elisabeth Klinck is a contemporary violinist, composer and performer based in Brussels, Belgium. With a background in electroacoustic composition and theatre she navigates through emotional landscapes using intimate sound textures and atmospheric tones. She studied at the Lemmensinstuut, The Royal Conservatory of Brussels and at Academy for Music & Drama in Gothenburg, where she acquired a masters in Orchestral Performance.

Klinck’s work can be an overwhelming force, but fragile at the same time. Her debut album ‘Picture a Frame’ has been released on Hallow Ground (Kali Malone, FujiIIIIIIIIIIta,...) and is a beautiful collage that functions as a sonic diary for the time she spent in the Spanish Pyrenees with longtime collaborator Oscar Claus.

As a performer of composed and improvised music she often collaborates with different artists and organisations. This sense of community is as important in her music as it is in her day-to-day life. Previous collaborations include: Miet Warlop (One Song), Ben Bertrand, Lieselot Siddiki, Jarne Van Loon, OffOff Film, Kopergieterij, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Valgeir Sigurdsson and Nils Vermeulen and many more.


ALBUM - Picture a Frame

LIVE - at Theresia

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10 10 2024 - Abrupt - Bruxelles

01 11 2024 - Bota Weekender - Brussels