Andrea Mancini alias Cleveland, is the italo-luxembourgish music producer, dj and artist behind 3 recent releases on Amsterdam-based Kalahari Oyster Cult. He’s based in Brussels where he’s also running his own imprint SUZI which already counts 4 records to date.

The sounds of Cleveland seem to grow increasingly abstract with each passing release and his third Kalahari which came out at the end of June 2023 is no exception. Manipulating house and techno templates into newly mutated forms, ‘Lola Ran’ is a testament to a producer always playing fast and loose with concepts of genre. It’s possibly his most probing set of productions thus far.

Similar to his own creations, his dj & live sets captivate his audience, bringing influences from the 90s and mixing them in a classy and modern and quirky twist. 

In parallel to his music career, Andrea Mancini is also active in sound and installation art fields through which he is going to be presenting his country of origin, Luxembourg, at the Venice International Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2024.


EP – Lola Ran

MIX – HNYPOT 377: Cleveland’s Hazer and Phaser mix

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17 08 2024 - XRDS24 Afterparty - Brussels