Natasha Pirard

Natasha Pirard is a Ghent-based musicologist and composer. After studying Art Sciences for four years, she graduated in 2022 with a major in Musicology at the University of Ghent to immediately dive into the musical realm at the DEEWEE studio.

With Steve Reich’s phase shifting as one of her main reasons to start her studies, it only felt natural that she soon started to experiment with tapes and recorders of her own.

As a composer, she explores the thin line of tonal and atonal frictions and the sonic ability to create an interesting dialogue of continuous and interrupted tape loops. Combining analog synthesizers with her voice and, occasionally, guitar, she yearns for ways to transpose them to magnetic tapes and manipulate them in such a way that tape becomes a musician on its own.

During her live performances, she is surrounded with tape loops while standing in the middle, adding different layers and changing the tapes for each track.

A year after her first encounter in the DEEWEE-studio, she released her first album called “Dream Cycles”, a box of four cassettes with on each side a 15 minutes long composition, resulting in 120 minutes of music. What followed was a stream of support acts for Dijf Sanders, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, joining Soulwax on their tour for six shows and performing during Ocean of Sound, the first 4D Sound festival in Belgium.

Besides her musical career, Pirard also uses her background in music as a moderator during concertseries or festivals with artists such as Suzanne Ciani, Felicia Atkinson and Jules Reidy.


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