Maoupa Mazzocchetti

Representing for Belgium

Brussels’ dwelling producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound-sculptor and dj Maoupa Mazzocchetti has spent the past few years honing his own brand of surrealistic deranged, industrial leaning electronics. Seemingly drawing influence from early concrète, tape scene and Birmingham school techno.

His productions have found favour among labels such as Mannequin, PRR! PRR!, Knekelhuis, Éditions Gravats, Dark Entries, Bank, Arma Records, The Wire Magazine various and early admirers Unknown Precept.

Whether working alone or working collaboratively, his sonic and avant-garde vision is one which constantly straddles the line between wild experimentation and rythmic compatibility.

Encompassing claustrophobic, noise-induced oscillations, primitive rhythms, electro-accoustic and frantic synth work his sound manages to recall all of the influences above yet retain an individual characteristic.

More recently his productions under his duo Clara! y Maoupa released on Les Disques De La Bretagne, the club-ready sublabel of Editions Gravats have seen him exploring a whole new angle of production’s style. The instrumental translated that oddball experimental’s mentality towards a delectable new take on Caribbean futurism, Reggaeton, Dub and gears it all towards the dancefloor.

His countless high-profile collaborations have seen him working with Beau Wanzer (De-Bons-en-Pierre), Clara! (Clara! y Maoupa), Dj David Gobelin & Dj Cloarec (An Ultimate Dj), Air Liquid, Eindkrak, Nick Klein, celist Leila Bordreuil, Mika Oki and appearances all around Europe at Unsound, Intonal, Cafe Oto, Rewire, Nuits Sonores, Boiler Room and Berghain to mention only a few. On top of his release schedule, Mazzocchetti has appeared frequently on The Word Radio, Rinse, Red Light Radio, NTS and The Lot.


Mix NTS 29th June 2023

Mix – Trax Magazine

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