Céline Gillain

Céline Gillain is an artist based in Brussels working across the fields of experimental music, electronic music, and visual and performing arts. She has performed extensively in Europe during the last ten years.

Her work explores the meeting points between dancefloor, politics, the industry, and storytelling, deconstructing the codes and hierarchies that govern them. Seeking escape routes and operating in the loopholes, Céline feels at home in the in-betweens.

In 2017, she released her first single together with Lexi Disques titled What Happens If I Open My Mouth?, soon followed by her debut LP Bad Woman with Drama (2018).
Mind is Mud, Gillain’s second LP (12-inch), was released with Cortizona in June 2023.


Mind Is Mud

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17 07 2024 - Dour Festival - Dour

25 10 2024 - Foggy Hex - Barcelona