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Growing up in a small town in Switzerland, Lou Savary and Luc Bersier naturally bumped into each other and decided to make music together six years ago, with no specific goal in mind. They released a first cassette,
Enigme, on Berlin-based label Kinship in 2018, followed by their debut album Leviosa on Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis in 2021. 

Luc studied piano at the conservatory and is a sound engineer; Lou is self-taught – she started singing and composing as their project took off. In the studio, they compose together as a real duo, although Luc tends to take on more of a producer role while Lou focuses on vocals and lyrics. 

Lou and Luc tell intimate, melancholic stories, revealing themselves in a music scene often disconnected from emotions. Blending elements of psychedelic minimal wave, rolling bass, infectious guitar and not-so-naive vocals, their music tells stories that conjure up landscapes and feelings in the listener’s mind.


ALBUM – Leviosa

EP – Enigme

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