Alfred Anders

Alfred Anders

  • - Nacht records - Leuven
  • - Kaiku - Helsinki
  • - La Cabane invites Crevette Records - Watermael-Boitsfort
  • - Listen Festival 21 - Bruxelles
  • - Pek Fabrik - 2140

Collector, curator, connector, risk-taker- Alfred Anders is one of the main arteries of the Brussels music scene and nightscape. He has been guiding ears and dancefloors for the last decade as a DJ and more recently as the founder of Crevette Records. He’s constantly crafting, shaping, and executing big plans in the quirky capital city he calls home.

As a DJ he’s an investigator, passionately digging deep for unknown gems that move, entrance, and intrigue. His expertise lies in exotic and weird beats which capture a primal essence, joy, and curiosity, paying no mind to genre restrictions.

In five years, he built up Crevette Records to be a globally recognized and respected label and record shop, in addition to co-orchestrating some of Brussels’ most sought-after events. Most importantly, he tirelessly works to build a close-knit music community in this increasingly crowded and chaotic world…


Mix – Stan Radio 18