Milan W.

Milan W.

  • - Democrazy w/ Lucretia Dalt - Gent

Milan W (AKA Milan Warmoeskerken) is an Antwerp-based musician. 
In 2015 he released the Slo Mo cassette, on local label JJ Funhouse. The Intact LP a year later. 
Compositions constructed from gentle, yet persistent, rhythms. Intricately textured downtempo echoes.

Brain-dancing, rather than four-to-the-floor raving. 
2017`s split with Ekolalis, for Hague-based BAKK, made clear the direction Milan`s headed in.

While the label is associated with the Techno of Legowelt and SFV Acid, his contribution was a seventeen minute float. 
The kick largely removed. The textures cut-up, expanded and magnified. Envelope, for Ekster, builds on this work.




ALBUM – In Bloom