DTM Funk

DTM Funk

  • - Macki Music Festival - Carrières-sur-Seine
  • - FAT FAT FAT Festival

DTM Funk, hailing from Antwerp, is more than just a curator and selector.

He’s a fanatic crate digger who’s forever looking for new rhythms, per-cussions, and sounds, as he investigates artists from all over the uni- verse. Through his expertly crafted mixes and his carefully curated par- ties and concerts across Belgium, he formulates and presents his own expressions and visions.

As a curator, DTM Funk has a unique sense for new music and artists— he hears what no one else hears, and recognises hidden talent right away. From rising Belgian star Alia, to international acts like Carista and Dj Taye, he has provided these artists a safe platform at the crucial early stages of their careers, and long before they were tapped to headline ma- jor parties or festivals.

In selector mode, DTM Funk’s broad and diverse taste combines old school African rhythm and percussive works with fresh new electronic tracks, effortlessly blending boogie with Detroit electro, jazz, and beyond